About us

ABUP Consultancy Ltd was established in 2015 by Alev Osma having over 20 years of engineering experience in automotive and appliances industries. Since 2015, he has concentrated all his efforts on ABUP Consultancy.

ABUP Consultancy provides technical expertise in Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma including DfSS methodologies, data analysis, project management, materials engineering and vehicle fire investigation. As well as these core engineering activities, ABUP Consultancy offers detailed project plan and appraisals, continuous improvement efforts with the aim of  maximizing Return on Investment (ROI), minimizing risk, achieving an optimal cost and time. Additionally, we conduct techno-economic feasibility studies to satisfy customer expectations.

We dedicate ourselves to assure all industrial standards to meet your needs while providing services. We offer a wide range of consultancy services at an affordable price.